How to use t-shirts

you can easily make your own t-shirts design in following steps :-

  • select product and choose colour of your product and size
  • and then select template to choose your favourite template 
  • and click on text to add text on our t-shirts 
  • and then you can upload image from our device or directly import images from your facebook and instagram account depends upon you 
  • now click on clipart choose your favourite clipart
  • and then click on shape choose your shape 
  • and at last you can draw on your product (only for desktop)

you can skip any step depending upon you 

T-shirt designer detail view

we offer image editor and image background remover prebuilt in our editor and you can use image editor and background remover in templates and cliparts too 

so lets see how you can use image and background remover in your product


Image editor

  • step1: click on image , template or clipart which you want to edit 
  • step2: choose image 
  • step3:click on replace image icon to replace image 
  • step4: click on crop icon to crop image 
  • step5:click on mask icon to mask the image into text 
  • step6:click on remove background icon to remove back ground. in remove background click on mode . if your image has light background then choose (light background) option and if your image has dark background then choose (dark background) option. And click on deep option to choose how much effect  you want 
  • step7:click on filter icon to add filter to your image 


How to change colour of you text,shape

  • click on colour or fill icon and choose your colour